Posted by: chuckbumgardner | April 11, 2008

New Testament Studies, January 2008, Contents

“Spit in Your Eye: The Blind Man of Bethsaida and the Blind Man of Alexandria,” Eric Eve

“Progymnastic Topic Lists: A Compositional Template for Luke and Other Bioi?” Michael W. Martin

“La signification eschatoloqique de Jean 3.29,” Mylène Kempter

“Paul of Tarshish: Isaiah 66.19 and the Spanish Mission of Romans 15.24, 28,” A. Andrew Das

“Romans 8.19-22 and Isaiah’s Cosmic Covenant,” Jonathan Moo

“The Strategic Arousal of Emotions in the Apocalypse of John: A Rhetorical-Critical Investigation of the Oracles to the Seven Churches,” David A. Desilva

“‘Hermeneutik des Verdachts’ bei Friedrich Nietzsche,” Hans Hübner

“Recent Advances in Computational Linguistics and their Application to Biblical Studies,” J. José Alviar


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