Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Dear Pastor Bumgardner,

    Greetings in Christ’s blessed name!

    I just came across your website while searching for materials on biblical separation, an issue which I’m facing in my present situation. I’ve certain questions to seek your advice. Are you able to offer any help?



  2. […] a week ago I posted a chiasmus by Charles Bumgardner on Hebrews 12:1-2.  Charles authors the blog Orchard Keeper.   A few days ago he left a comment […]

  3. Hi, Chuck.
    Love that pic of you and your family reading on the curb!
    Thanks for your help on the Temple Curtain!
    Gary Yess
    Twin Oaks E-Free
    Sabetha, KS

    • Thanks, Gary, glad to be of help. Do I understand rightly that you’re a Dallas man?

  4. Chuck, I was surprised to find your article about the temple veil. Got half-way through it and said, “I know this guy.” Thanks for a good article. Mom, Lela, would have appreciated it.

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