Eyes and Ears 2008

What am I reading and hearing?
Into the eye-gate:
12/17/08  Douglas Moo, “Paul and the Law in the Last Ten Years,” Scottish Journal of Theology 40 (1987): 287-307.
12/6/08  Joseph H. Hellerman, “The Humiliation of Christ in the Social World of Roman Philippi, Part 2,” Bibliotheca Sacra 160 (Oct-Dec 2003): 421-33.
12/1/08  Robert Smith, “Justification in ‘the New Perspective on Paul.’” Reformed Theological Review 58 (April 1999): 16-30.
10/25/08  Henk Jan de Jonge, “Erasmus and the Comma Johanneum,” Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 56 (1980): 381-89.  Available online: https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/retrieve/1699/279_050.pdf .
10/03/08  Rodney J. Decker, “Why Do Dispensationalists Have Such a Hard Time Agreeing on the New Covenant?”, revised edition of paper presented at the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, Clarks Summit, Penn., September 2008.  Available online: http://ntresources.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/new-covenant-cdh-08.pdf .
10/1/08  John G. Stackhouse, Jr., “Why Johnny Can’t Produce Christian Scholarship: A Reflection on Real-Life Impediments,” in Evangelical Landscapes: Facing Critical Issues of the Day (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002), 141-160.
9/30/08  Bengt Holmberg, “Paul and Commensality,” in Text and Contexts: Biblical texts in their textual and situational contexts; essays in honor of Lars Hartman, ed. Tord Fornberg, David Hellholm, and Christer D. Hellholm (Oslo/Boston: Scandinavian University Press, 1995), 767-80.
8/31/08  David Lincicum, “Paul and the Testimonia: Quo Vademus?” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 51:2 (2008): 297-308.
8/31/08  Denny Burk, “Is Paul’s Gospel Counterimperial? Evaluating the Prospects of the ‘Fresh Perspective’ for Evangelical Theology,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 51:2 (2008): 309-338.
8/27/08  Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (Penguin, 1985).
8/17/08  James H. Charlesworth, “Forward,” and David A. deSilva, “Introduction,” in David deSilva, Introducing the Apocrypha: Message, Context, and Significance (Baker, 2002), 9-41.
8/3/08  George W. Knight III, “The Scriptures Were Written for Our Instruction,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 29:1 (1996): 3-13.
7/31/08  Peter R. Kassulke, “Does an Adiaphoron Ever Cease to Be an Adiaphoron?” Available online: http://www.wlsessays.net/files/KassulkeAdiaphoron.pdf.
7/29/08  Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, “Report of the Study Committee on Biblical Bounds and Guidelines for Ecclesiastical Separation,” in the 154th General Synod Minutes (May 21, 1976): 144-62, part of the online collection “Documents of Synod: Study Papers and Actions of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod–1965 to 1982.” Available online: http://www.pcahistory.org/findingaids/rpces/docsynod/045.htm.
7/28/08  Robert H. Cox, “Separation: Principle and Practice,” The Clarion 1.2 (Sep 1944): 2-3.
7/28/08  John F. Brug, Church Fellowship: Working Together for the Truth (Milwaukee: Northwestern, 1996).
7/24/08  Stephen E. Witmer, “Theodidaktoi in 1 Thessalonians 4.9: A Pauline Neologism,” New Testament Studies 52 (2006): 239-50.
7/20/08  Daniel J. Treier, “Theological Hermeneutics, Contemporary,” in Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible, ed. Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Baker, 2005), 787-93.
7/20/08  Anthony N. S. Lane, “Tradition,” in Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible, ed. Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Baker, 2005), 809-12.
7/20/08  Kevin J. Vanhoozer, “Intention / Intentional Fallacy,” in Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible, ed. Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Baker, 2005), 327-30.
7/18/08  Pieter G. R. de Villiers, “‘A Life Worthy of God’: Identity and Ethics in the Thessalonian Correspondence,” in Identity, Ethics, and Ethos in the New Testament (Walter de Gruyter, 2006), 335-55.
7/16/08  John F. Brug, “The Terminology of Church Discipline: Excommunication, Suspension, Removal, Etc.,” unpublished presentation to Ohio Pastoral Conference at Beautiful Savior, Grove City, Ohio (1976). Available online: http://www.wlsessays.net/authors/B/BrugDiscipline/BrugDiscipline.PDF
7/16/08  David P. Kuske, “Excommunication or Termination of Fellowship?” Available online: http://www.wlsessays.net/authors/K/KuskeExcommunication/KuskeExcommunication.pdf
7/13/08  George N. Marshall and David Poling, Schweitzer: A Biography (Doubleday, 1971; reprint with afterword, Johns Hopkins, 2000).
7/12/08  Charles Spurgeon, “Attention!”, in Lectures to My Students (reprint, Zondervan).
7/11/08  Brian Keith, “‘In My Own Hand’: Grapho-Literacy and the Apostle Paul,” Biblica 89:1 (2008), 39-58.
7/8/08  John R. Rice, “Shall We Fight God’s People or Satan’s? Detailed Bible Exposition Showing That ‘Secondary Separation and Tertiary Separation’ Are Not Taught in the Bible.” The Sword of the Lord (Sep 3, 1971).
7/7/08  Paul J. Achtemeier, “Omne Verbum Sonat: The New Testament and the Oral Environment of Late Western Antiquity,” Journal of Biblical Literature 190/1 (1990): 3-27.
7/7/08  Kevin T. Bauder, “Thinking about the Gospel: Part Six: Demeaning the Gospel,” Nick of Time (publication of Central Baptist Theological Seminary), 20 July 2007. Available online: http://www.centralseminary.edu/publications/20070720Print.pdf
7/7/08  Paul Hartog, “Economic Wisdom as an Analogy to Prudence of Separation, Part 1” and “Part 2,” Faith Pulpit (newsletter of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary) (September, October 2005).
7/6/08  Andrew Sandlin, “A Scriptural Examination of Secondary Separation,” The Biblical Editor (Winter 1992): 4!12.
7/6/08  Rolland D. McCune, “Ecclesiastical Separation,” The Sentinel (newsletter of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary) 1:2 (Spring, 1985).
7/6/08  Robert G. Delnay, “Ecclesiastical Separation,” Faith Pulpit (newsletter of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary) (June-August, 1987).
7/6/08  R. Bruce Compton, “2 Thessalonians 3:6-15 and Second-Degree Separation,” paper presented at the Mid-America Conference on Preaching, October 18-19, 2001 (Allen Park, MI).
7/6/08  Robert D. Bell, “Practical Exhortations Concerning Disciplinary Separation,” Biblical Viewpoint 9:2 (Nov 1975).
7/6/08  Ernest Pickering, “Should We Ever Separate from Christian Brethren?”, privately published booklet.
7/5/08  A. Philip Brown II, “Categories of Truth vs. Categories of Exegetical Certainty: What Really Matters and How Much Does It Matter?” Paper presented at the Bible Faculty Leadership Summit, August, 2005.
6/24/08  Richard L. Rohrbaugh, “The Jesus Tradition: The gospel writers’ strategies of persuasion,” in The Early Christian World, vol. 1, ed. Philip F. Esler (Routledge, 2000), 198-230.
6/18/08  Armin D. Baum, “The Anonymity of the New Testament History Books: A Stylistic Device in the Context of Greco-Romand and Ancient Near Eastern Literature,” Novum Testamentum 50 (2008): 120-42
6/17/08  Hans Boersma, “On Baking Pumpkin Pie: Kevin Vanhoozer and Yves Congar on Tradition,” Calvin Theological Journal 42 (2007): 237-255.
6/15/08  N. T. Wright, “New Testament Scholarship and Christian Discipleship,” The Moule Memorial Lecture, Ridley Hall, Cambridge (5 June 2008); online: http://www.ridley.cam.ac.uk/documents/moulemem.pdf
6/15/08  Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, The Atlantic (July/August 2008); online: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google
6/13/08  “Apostasy and Ecclesiastical Separation,” position paper of the Presbyterian Church in America, 1985; online: http://www.pcahistory.org/pca/2-052.pdf
6/12/08  Kevin Bauder, “Preaching Worth Listening To,” Lecture manuscript, National Leadership Conference, 2006; online: http://seminary.cbs.edu/content/events/nlc/2006/papers/GS7-KBauder.pdf
6/3/08  Joachim Braun, “Preface” and “Introduction,” in Music in Ancient Israel/Palestine: Archaeological, Written, and Comparative Sources, trans. Douglas W. Stott (Eerdmans, 2002), xi-45.
6/2/08  M. James Sawyer, “Evangelicals and the Canon of the New Testament”; online: http://www.bible.org/page.php?page_id=689
6/1/08  James D. G. Dunn, “The Tradition,” in The Historical Jesus in Recent Research, ed. James D. G. Dunn and Scot McKnight (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2005), 167-184.
5/30/08  Francois Bovon, “The Role of the Scriptures in the Composition of the Gospel Accounts: The Temptations of Jesus (Luke 4:1-13 par.) and the Multiplication of the Loaves (Luke 9:10-17 par.),” in Studies in Early Christianity (Baker, 2003), 106-112.
5/29/08  Kevin T. Bauder, “A Fundamentalism Worth Saving,” address to the American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries, 2 February 2005.
5/20/08  Howard M. Ervin, “A Re-examination of 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1,” in The Baptist Bulletin 15 (April 1950): 4, 5, 20, 21.
5/20/08  Justo L. Gonzalez, Church History: An Essential Guide (Abingdon, 1996).
5/19/08  James M. Ault, Jr., Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church (Random House, 2004).
5/18/08  W. David Buschart, Exploring Protestant Traditions: An Invitation to Theological Hospitality (InterVarsity, 2006).
5/2/08  R. Albert Mohler Jr., “Expository Preaching: Center of Christian Worship,” in Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, ed. Philip Graham Ryken, Derek W. H. Thomas, J. Ligon Duncan III (P & R Publishing, 2003), 107-121.
5/2/08  Edmund P. Clowney, “Corporate Worship: A Means of Grace,” in Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, ed. Philip Graham Ryken, Derek W. H. Thomas, J. Ligon Duncan III (P & R Publishing, 2003), 94-104.
5/2/08  Derek W. H. Thomas, “The Regulative Principle: Responding to Recent Criticism,” in Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, ed. Philip Graham Ryken, Derek W. H. Thomas, J. Ligon Duncan III (P & R Publishing, 2003), 74-93.
5/2/08   J. Ligon Duncan III, “Foundations for Biblically Directed Worship,” in Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, ed. Philip Graham Ryken, Derek W. H. Thomas, J. Ligon Duncan III (P & R Publishing, 2003), 51-73.
5/2/08  J. Ligon Duncan III, “Does God Care How We Worship?”, in Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, ed. Philip Graham Ryken, Derek W. H. Thomas, J. Ligon Duncan III (P & R Publishing, 2003), 17-50.
4/22/08  Leonard Sax, Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men (Basic Books, 2007).
4/18/08  Robert Morgan, “[History of the Discipline in the Last Seventy Years:] New Testament,” in Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, ed. J. W. Rogerson and Judith M. Lieu (Oxford University Press, 2006), 27-49.
4/17/08  Peter Richardson, “[The Impact of Other Disciplines Upon Biblical Scholarship:] Study of the Graeco-Roman World,” in Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, ed. J. W. Rogerson and Judith M. Lieu (Oxford University Press, 2006), 108-19.
4/16/08  Steve Motyer, “Method in Fourth Gospel Studies: A Way Out of the Impasse?,” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 66 (1997): 27-44.
4/13/08  John Sietze Bergsma and Scott Walker Hahn, “Noah’s Nakedness and the Curse on Canaan (Genesis 9:20-27),” Journal of Biblical Literature 124/1 (2005): 25-40.
4/9/08  N. T. Wright, “Five Gospels but No Gospel: Jesus and the Seminar,” in Authenticating the Activities of Jesus, ed. Bruce Chilton and Craig A. Evans (Brill: 1999), 83-120.
4/9/08  D. A. Carson, “Five Gospels, No Christ,” Christianity Today 38:5 (April 25, 1994): 30-33.
4/6/08  Thomas Dixon, “Introduction: from passions and affections to emotions,” in From Passions to Emotions: The Creation of a Secular Psychological Category (Cambridge University Press, 2003), 1-26.
3/24/08  S. J. Jones, “Wesley, John,” in Dictionary of Major Bible Interpreters, ed. Donald McKim (InterVarsity, 2007), 1034-38.
3/24/08  Webster Young, “Can There Be Great Composers Anymore?,” Intercollegiate Review (Spring 2008): 24-32.
3/19/08  Frank C. Peters, “The Ban in the Writings of Menno Simons,” Mennonite Quarterly Review 29 (1955): 16-33.
3/8/08  Paul G. Hiebert, “Clean and Dirty: Cross-cultural Misunderstandings in India,”  Evangelical Missions Quarterly 44:1 (2008): 90-92.
3/8/08  David Ngaruiya, “The Trendy Giant Wounds: Some Lessons from the Church in Africa,” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 44:1 (2008): 58-66.
3/8/08  Leanne Dzubinski, “Contrasting Worldviews and Their Implications for Missions in Spain,” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 44:1 (2008): 48-55.
3/8/08  Neik Ripken and Barry Stricker, “Five Lies About Missions,” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 44:1 (2008): 32-38.
3/6/08  Robert I. Potter, “Separation from Disobedient Brethren — Is It a Scriptural Doctrine?,” The Ohio Bible Fellowship Visitor [c. 1990].
3/4/08  Ian Hart, “The Teaching of the Puritans about Ordinary Work,” Evangelical Quarterly 67:3 (1995), 195-209.
3/4/08  Ian Hart, “The Teaching of Luther and Calvin about Ordinary Work: 2. John Calvin (1509 – 64),” Evangelical Quarterly 67:2 (1995), 121-35.
3/4/08  Ian Hart, “The Teaching of Luther and Calvin about Ordinary Work: 1. Martin Luther (1483 – 1546),” Evangelical Quarterly 67:1 (1995), 35-52.
3/4/08  Carl F. H. Henry, “The Christian View of Work,” The Moravian Theological Seminary Bulletin (Fall 1960), 1-15.
2/24/08  Jonathan Edwards, “Sermon V. The Nature and End of Excommunication,” in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. 2 (1834; reprint, Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2003), 118-21.
2/23/08  Mark Minnick, “Straight Cuts,” Frontline (Jan-Feb 2005), “Frontline Pastor’s Insert”: 6.
2/23/08  R. Bruce Compton, “Biblical Separation: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15.” Frontline (Jan-Feb 1999), “Frontline Pastor’s Insert”: 6; idem, “Is Second Degree Separation Biblical?” Regular Baptist Review (Winter 1989): 3, 7-8.
2/16/08  Marlin Jeschke, Discipling in the Church: Recovering a Ministry of the Gospel, 3d ed, rev. and enl. (Scottdale, Penn.: Herald, 1988).
2/16/08  Martin Luther, “A Sermon on the Ban” (1520), trans. Eric W. and Ruth C. Gritsch, in Luther’s Works 39 (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1970).
2/13/08  Miroslav Volf, “Human Work, Divine Spirit, and New Creation: Toward a Pneumatological Understanding of Work,” Pneuma (Fall 1997): 173-193.
2/5/08  Marc Kolden, “Work and Meaning: Some Theological Reflections,” Interpretation 48 (1994): 262-71.
2/5/08  Karlfried Froehlich, “Luther on Vocation,” Lutheran Quarterly 13 (1999) 195-207.
2/5/08  John Makujina, “Forgotten Texts and Doctrines in Current Evangelical Responses to Culture,” presented at the East Region Annual Conference of the ETS, March 26, 2004.
2/5/08  Christopher K. Lensch, “The Public Reading of Scripture,” WRS Journal, 7:1 (2000), 19-22.
2/2/08  Christopher Parkening, Grace Like a River: An Autobiography (Tyndale, 2006).
1/23/08  Price Milburn, “The Impact of Popular Culture on Congregational Song,” The Hymn 44 (1993): 11-19.
1/22/08  Cotton Mather, “A Father’s Resolutions.”
1/22/08  Craig Keener, “Women’s Education and Public Speech in Antiquity,” JETS 50 (2007): 747-59.
1/21/08  John F. Brug, “Exegetical Brief: 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14, 15 – Admonish Him as a Brother,” Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly 96 (1999): 208-217.
1/20/08  Robert Hodgson, Jr., “1 Thess 4:1-12 and the Holiness Tradition (HT),” in Society of Biblical Literature 1982 Seminar Papers, ed. Kent Harold Richards, SBLSPS 21 (Chico, Calif.: Scholars Press, 1982).
1/18/08  Reidar Aasgaard, “‘Role Ethics’ in Paul: The Significance of the Sibling Role for Paul’s Ethical Thinking,” NTS 48 (2002): 513-30.
1/15/08  Peter Day, “The Practical Purpose of Second Thessalonians,” Anglican Theological Review 45 (1963): 203-06.
1/12/08  Jeffrey A. D. Weima, “‘How You Must Walk to Please God’: Holiness and Discipleship in 1 Thessalonians,” in Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament, ed. Richard N. Longenecker (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1996).
1/12/08  Peter Garnsey and Greg Woolf, “Patronage of the Rural Poor in the Roman World,” in Patronage in Ancient Society, ed. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (New York: Routledge, 1989).
1/9/08  Robert Jewett, “Enthusiastic Radicalism and the Thessalonian Correspondence,” in Society of Biblical Literature, 1972 Seminar Papers.
1/8/08  Abraham Malherbe, “The Christian Community in a Pagan Society,” in Paul and the Thessalonians: The Philosophic Tradition of Pastoral Care (Fortress, 1987).
1/5/08  N. Clayton Croy, “A Note on Hebrews 12:2,” JBL 114 (1995): 117-19.
Into the ear-gate:
9/18/08  John Makujina, “Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism: Responding to Baptismal Regenerationists,” lecture from 2002 Foundations Conference at Central Baptist Seminary, Plymouth, MN.
9/16/08  John Hartog, III, “God’s Enabling Presence,” lecture from 2002 Foundations Conference at Central Baptist Seminary, Plymouth, MN.
8/5/08  Mark Minnick, “Scriptural Separation (II Thessalonians 3:14-15),” sermon preached at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C., 23 October 2005.
7/27/08  Bob Jones, Sr., “Biblical Separation,” online: http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=630485020
7/27/08  Mark Minnick, “Association that Compromises the Gospel,” semon preached at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C., 09 February 2003.
6/1/08  Mark Dever and Mark Minnick, “Fundamentalism and Separation with Mark Minnick,” 9 Marks interview, recorded 25 May 2008; online: http://resources.christianity.com/details/mrki/20080525/21e4a8b5-9f3a-44e2-86c7-884ff1a01a4b.aspx
5/8/08  Simon J. Kistemaker, “New Testament Canon”
4/27/08  Jim Berg, “How Could He Fail with Such Potential? (Ecclesiastes 1)”
4/13/08  Ben Witherington III, “Oral Texts and Rhetorical Letters: Rethinking the Categories,” Baylor University, Parchman Lectures, Lecture 1 (October 2, 2007); online: http://www.baylortv.com/video.php?id=001319
4/8/08  Tim Jordan, “Biblical Liberty (Romans 14)”
3/24/08  D. A. Carson, “Waiting in the Mean Time (2 Thessalonians 3)”
1/16/08  Al Mohler, “Homosexual ‘Marriage’ — A Tragic Oxymoron: Biblical and Cultural Reflections,” 2004 Desiring God National Conference.

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