Posted by: chuckbumgardner | March 2, 2015

And setting records for the number of journals….

Louis Feldman.jpgI’m reading through Craig Keener’s voluminous 2-volume commentary on John, and checked a reference to a work by respected Josephus scholar Louis Feldman in Keener’s bibliography (which is 166 pages long, or roughly 5000 entries — no surprise with Keener! — and this in a commentary which “will not focus on secondary scholarship”! [1.xxviii]). I think Louis Feldman must have been going for a record as to the number of different venues in which he could publish a series of essays: twenty-eight different journals in seven years (1988-1994), apart from edited volumes! Take a gander (I’ve organized them chronologically):

“Josephus’ Portrait of Saul.” Hebrew Union College Annual 53 (1982): 45-99.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Deborah.” Pages 115-28 in Hellenica et Judaica: hommage a Valentin Nikiprowetzky (ed. Andre Caquot, et al.; Leuven: Peeters, 1986).

“Josephus’ Portrait of Noah and Its Parallels in Philo, Pseudo-Philo’s Biblical Antiquities, and Rabbinic Midrashim.” Proceedings of the American Academy of Jewish Research 55 (1988): 31-57.

“Josephus’ Version of Samson.” Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Periods 19 (1988): 171-214.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Jacob.” Jewish Quarterly Review 79 (1988-1989): 101-51.

“Josephus’ Portrait of David.” Hebrew Union College Annual 60 (1989): 129-74.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Joshua.” Harvard Theological Review 82 (1989): 351-76.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Manasseh.” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 9 (1991): 3-20.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Moses.” Jewish Quarterly Review 82 (1991-1992): 285-328; 83 (1992-1993): 7-50.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Ahab.” Ephemerides theologicae lovanienses 68 (1992): 368-84.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Daniel.” Henoch 14 (1992): 37-96.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Hezekiah.” Journal of Biblical Literature 111 (1992): 597-610.

“Josephus’ Interpretation of Jonah.” Association for Jewish Studies Review 17 (1992): 1-29.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Joseph.” Revue Biblique 99 (1992): 397-417, 504-28.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Nehemiah.” Journal of Jewish Studies 43 (1992): 187-202.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Samuel.” Abr-Nahrain 30 (1992): 103-45.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Balaam.” Philonica Annual 5 (1993): 48-83.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Ezra.” Vetus Testamentum 43 (1993): 190-214.

“Joesphus’ Portrait of Gideon.” Revue des etudes juives 152 (1993): 5-28.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Isaac.” Rivista di storia e letteratura religiosa 29 (1993): 3-33.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Jehoshaphat.” Scripta classica israelica 12 (1993): 159-75.

“Joesphus’ Portrait of Jeroboam.” Andrews University Seminary Studies 31 (1993): 29-51.

“Joesphus’ Portrait of Joab.” Estudios Biblicos 51 (1993): 323-51.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Josiah.” Lovain Studies 18 (1993): 110-30.

“Josephus’ Portrait of the Pharoahs.” Syllecta Classica 4 (1993): 49-63.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Ahasuerus.” Australian Biblical Review 42 (1994): 17-38.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Asa.” Bulletin for Biblical Research 4 (1994): 41-59.

“Joesphus’ Portrait of Ehud.” Pages 177-201 in Pursuing the Text: Studies in Honor of Ben Zion Wacholder on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday (ed. John C. Reeves and John Kampen; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1994).

“Josephus’ Portrait of Elijah.” Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament 8 (1994): 61-86.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Elisha.” Novum Testamentum 36 (1994): 1-28.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Jehoram, King of Israel.” Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library 76 (1994): 3-20.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Solomon.” Hebrew Union College Annual 66 (1995): 103-67.

“Josephus’ Portrait of Aaron.” Pages 167-92 in Classical Studies in Honor of David Sohlberg (ed. Ranon Katzoff et al.; Ramat Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press, 1996).

“Josephus’ Portrait of Isaiah.” Pages 583-608 in Writing and Reading the Scroll of Isaiah (ed. Craig C. Broyles and Craig A. Evans; Leiden: Brill, 1997)

“Josephus’ Portrait of Jethro.” Pages 573-94 in Quest for Context and Meaning (ed. Craig A. Evans and Shemaryahu Talmon; Leiden: Brill, 1997)

“Josephus’ Portrait of Rehoboam.” Philonica Annual 9 (1997): 264-86.




  1. Hilarious! I wonder if any of the articles were initially rejected by a journal and he had to shuffle it off to another one?

  2. Rejecting an article by Louis Feldman at the peak of his career? Doubt it. :-) This might have been a way of satisfying all of the journals that wanted a piece of the action, though. :-)

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