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Bibliography on Prayer as a Theme in Luke-Acts

I am leading a class discussion on prayer in Luke-Acts in a couple of weeks, and part of the preparation includes compiling a bibliography.  One of the topics we’ll discuss is prayer as a Lukan theme.  Everyone agrees that it is, but there is surprisingly little agreement as to what Luke’s purpose is in emphasizing it.  I don’t have a good answer yet, but I do have a pretty thorough bibliography!  I assume any decent commentary on Luke or Acts will discuss prayer as a theme, so I do not include specific commentary titles in this list.


Works on prayer as a Lukan theme.  Works on this theme are drawn largely from the most recent major monograph on the subject: Holmås, Prayer and Vindication in Luke-Acts.  Starred items are summarized in his survey of scholarly monographs on Lukan prayer (4-16). Holmås traces the conversation on this topic as it has unfolded in scholarly monographs from 1965 through 2007.  He also provides a fairly comprehensive list of shorter works on the theme from 1967-2005 (3 fn 3).

Bartholomew, Craig G. and Robby Holt. “Prayer in/and the Drama of Redemption in Luke: Prayer and Exegetical Performance.” Pages 350-75 in Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation. Scripture and Hermeneutics Series 6. Edited by C. G. Bartholomew, J. B. Green, and A. C. Thiselton. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005.

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Smalley, Stephen S. “Spirit, Kingdom and Prayer in Luke-Acts.” Novum Testamentum 15 (1973): 59-71. Smalley builds on the inaugurated eschatology of Perrin, and Dunn’s connection of Spirit and Kingdom in Luke-Acts, and tries to take a step beyond Dunn by making the Lukan theme of prayer an integral part of the Spirit-Kingdom connection he sees. Unfortunately for Smalley’s thesis, in most of the passages in which he sees this triad, he is forced to place one or another of the trio into the passage “by implication,” as it is not explicit in the text.

Trites, Allison A. “Some Aspects of Prayer in Luke-Acts.” Pages 59-77 in Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers 11. Edited by Paul J. Achtemeier. Missoula, MT: Scholars Press, 1977.

———. “The Prayer Motif in Luke-Acts.” Pages 168-86 in Perspectives on Luke-Acts. Edited by C. H. Talbert. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1978.

Turner, Max M. B. “Prayer in the Gospels and Acts.” Pages 58-83 in Teach Us to Pray: Prayer in the Bible and the World. Edited by D. A. Carson. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1990.

Twelftree, Graham H. “Prayer and the Coming of the Spirit in Acts.” Expository Times 117 (2006): 271-76. Twelftree avers that while both prayer and the Spirit are themes in Luke-Acts, Luke does not draw a direct correlation between prayer and the bestowing of the Spirit. Instead, the correlation is indirect: the promised Spirit is bestowed on God’s devout people, and their consistent practice of prayer is an evidence of their devoutness. In Luke 11:13, it is not so much a matter of the Father giving the Spirit to those who ask for the Spirit, but (as Luke says) to those who “ask,” that is, who “pray.”

Viljoen, Francois. “Jesus as Intercessor in Luke-Acts.” Acta Patristica et Byzantina 19 (2008): 329-49.


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