Posted by: chuckbumgardner | June 16, 2012

Augustine’s Prayer regarding His Theology

At the end of Augustine’s last book of On the Trinity–and in the interest of full disclosure, I have not yet read that work of his– he sets forth this noteworthy prayer to bring his work to a close.  No dry-as-dust approach to theology here!  I see ties to the work of any biblical scholar.

Directing my attention toward this rule of faith as best I could, as far as you enabled me to, I have sought you and desired to see intellectually what I have believed, and I have argued much and toiled much.  O Lord my God, my one hope, listen to me lest out of weariness I should stop wanting to seek you, but let me seek your face always, and with ardor.  Do you yourself give me the strength to seek, having caused yourself to be found and having given me the hope of finding you more and more.  Before you lies my strength and my weakness; preserve the one, heal the other.  Before you lies my knowledge and my ignorance; where you have opened to me, receive me as I come in; where you have shut to me, open to me as I knock.  Let me remember you, let me understand you, let me love you.  Increase these things in me until you refashion me entirely.

O Lord the one God, God the Trinity, whatsoever I have said in these books is of you, may those that are yours acknowledge; whatsoever of myself alone, do you and yours forgive.  Amen.

I found this in D. H. Williams, Evangelicals and Tradition: The Formative Influence of the Early Church (Baker, 2005), 173.


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