Posted by: chuckbumgardner | April 16, 2011

Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Teacher

Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Here’s testimony to a New Testament professor to seek to live up to:

“When he became a professor at Cambridge,” writes one of Dr. Lightfoot’s pupils, “his greatness was immediately established.  The immense range of his acquisitions, the earnest efforts to do his work as well as lay in his power, were at once recognized by the Undergraduates.  The frequent failure to win an audience is a matter of common complaint, and men as learned in their own domain as Dr. Lightfoot have not succeeded.  But there was something in his quick sympathy with the young, in his masculine independence and in his strong practical good sense, in his matchless lucidity of exposition; and these gifts caused his lecture-room to be thronged by eager listeners.  The late Master of Trinity was not given to enthusiasm, but once he did wax enthusiastic, as he described to me the passage between the Senate House and Caius College ‘black with the fluttering gowns of students’ hurrying to imbibe, in the Professor’s class-room, a knowledge of New Testament such as was not open to their less happy predecessors, and such as would last many of them all their lives as a fountain of valuable exegesis in many a parish and many a pulpit.”

Bishop Lightfoot (London: Macmillan, 1894), 22-23.


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