Posted by: chuckbumgardner | September 22, 2010

“Lord, We’ve Been Taught Your Heav’nly Word”

I was looking for a song to use after services in our congregation which asked the Lord to apply to our hearts through the Spirit the word that had been preached.  There are probably texts like that out there, but I was unsuccessful in finding them, so I wrote my own.  It uses several metaphors for the powerful Word of God and seeks to reference the work of the Spirit in bringing it to bear on our lives.  I wrote it with the intention of singing it to “O For a Thousand Tongues,” but if someone is interested in writing a new hymn-like tune for the piece, I’d be glad to hear it!

Lord, We’ve Been Taught Your Heav’nly Word

1) Lord, we’ve been taught Your heav’nly Word,
Now may Your Heav’nly Dove,
Convince us of the truth we’ve heard,
And guide to You our love.

2) Your Spirit-sword can pierce us through
Deep in our inner parts,
Our thoughts and motives bring to view,
Once hidden in our hearts.

3) “Is not My word like fire?” speaks
Your voice of cleansing flame.
Lord, purify us as we seek
To glorify Your Name!

4) With mighty blows, Your Spirit wields
The hammer of Your Word.
And as he does, our spirits yield
And bow to what we’ve heard.

5) The mirror of Your Word! We see
The error of our ways.
As hearers of Your Word may we
Be bearers of Your praise!

1)  Cf. John 16:7-11.  2) Cf. Hebrews 4:12.  3-4) Cf. Jeremiah 23:29.  5) Cf. James 1:22-25.


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