Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 27, 2010

Exegetical Guides to the Greek New Testament

I mentioned in an earlier post the “regrettably defunct” Eerdmans series Exegetical Guides to the Greek New Testament.  I was pleased to discover that B&H Academic is apparently starting up the series again.  The first volume is a reprint (revision?) of the single volume that appeared in Eerdmans’ original series: Murray Harris’s Colossians & Philemon (old at Amazon; new at Amazon; new at B&H), and is projected for June 2010.  The four Amazon reviews all give the original volume 5 stars — I own it and certainly concur. That rating reflects the inherent helpfulness of the work, and one can only hope future volumes will be as good as the first. 

If anyone is aware of who will be responsible for particular upcoming volumes in the series, I’d love to find out.



  1. Robert Plummer is undertaking the volume on John’s letters: at about 2.35. Andrew

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