Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 10, 2010

Africa Bible Commentary Series

American Christianity has blind spots, and plenty of them.  (So does Christianity in other cultures, of course, and I’ve posted before about that general notion.)  If we ask believers from other cultures about how American Christians are perceived, and where our besetting sins lie, we could no doubt get an earful.  One way to overcome blind spots is to read material from days gone by, as C. S. Lewis noted so well.  Another way is to read authors who are contemporary with us, but who write in a context outside of our own.

A new commentary series that fits into the latter category is the Africa Bible Commentary Series.  Zondervan has already published a one-volume commentary written and edited by Africans, the Africa Bible Commentary, but Zondervan’s ABCS aims to focus on one or two or three books of Scripture at a time.  The inaugural volume by Samuel M. Ngewa is on the Pastoral Epistles and weighs in at a hefty 496 pages.  You can enjoy a few sample chapters at Zondervan’s website.  Looks like a (relatively shorter) volume on Galatians by the same author is forthcoming as well.

The series is highlighted favorably by Craig Blomberg and Nijay Gupta.


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