Posted by: chuckbumgardner | May 25, 2009

Fruit Salad

Here is a very nice link page: “Free Books in Biblical Studies and Related Fields”  (Google Books,, & web-based content)

A very interesting essay: “Jack of All Trades and Master of None: The Case for ‘Generalist’ Scholars in Biblical Scholarship,” by Michael F. Bird and Craig Keener (HT: Nijay Gupta).  Ever hear the joke about the two surgeons meeting in the break room? “Whew! That last operation was a close one — an inch either way and I would have been out of my specialty!”  The same sort of situation holds true in the realm of academic biblical studies. The absolute flood of secondary literature in the field of biblical studies made it impossible a long time ago to keep up in any meaningful sense with what is published overall.  This has led to specialties and sub-specialties in the field.  An academician may devote his career to, say, the mastery of the NT pseudepigrapha or a single book of Scripture.  On the latter, I’ll never forget Gordon Fee’s comment in his 1 Corinthians commentary that the point had been reached (in 1987!) where one person could not really master all the literature on the Corinthian epistles (although one could argue that Anthony Thiselton has come pretty close in his magisterial NIGTC 1 Corinthians!).  The article by Bird and Keener makes a case for “generalists” who seek to have a broad, interdisciplinary scope to their work, while relying on the research of specialists, and gives a number of ways to promote such a breadth in one’s reading and research.  A good read.

A quote from the above article: “A New Testament scholar who understands the New Testament alone cannot rightly understand it at all.” (quoting Martin Hengel)

You all subscribe to Mark Goodacre’s NT Gateway blog, right? (not to mention his more general academic blog)  If not, you’re missing goodies like reminders about updated link pages…

NT Bibliographies

Major book series on the NT

A link page to link pages for NT studies

Biblioblog link pages

 No competent NT scholar has BDAG far from his desk and/or computer.  Ever wish you could put faces to the familiar names of Bauer, Danker, Arndt, and Gingrich?



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