Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 18, 2009

Fruit Salad

I discovered that many of Douglas Moo’s various articles are available as .pdf’s at his website. (HT: Matthew Montonini

Did you know that the Abbott-Smith Greek grammar is available online?  I should mention again Ted Hildebrandt’s collection of online works concerning the Greek language, including Moulton’s Prologomena (first volume of MHT — Moulton-Howard-Turner) and A. T. Robertson’s magnum opus, and a number of articles including many by Moulton, Bruce Metzger, Dan Wallace, and James Boyer. has relocated to a new site. (HT:  TheoSource)

 I’m looking forward to getting what looks to be an outstanding new work on NT contexts and backgrounds: Gary Burge, Lynn Cohick, and Gene Green, The New Testament in Antiquity: A Survey of the New Testament Within Its Cultural Contexts (Zondervan, 2009), due out in MarchMatthew Montonini has an interview with Gary Burge (whose work on John I’ve really enjoyed) over at NT Perspectives.


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