Posted by: chuckbumgardner | December 13, 2008

Edwards on the incarnation

Though many things had been done in the affair of redemption, though millions of sacrifices had been offered; yet nothing was done to purchase redemption before Christ’s incarnation.  No part of the purchase was made, no part of the price was offered till now.  But as soon as Christ was incarnate, the purchase began.–And the whole time of Christ’s humiliation, till the morning that he rose from the dead, was taken up in this purchase.  Then the purchase was entirely and completely finished.  As nothing was done before Christ’s incarnation, so nothing was done after his resurrection, to purchase redemption for men.  Nor will there ever be any thing more done to all eternity.  That very moment when the human nature of Christ ceased to remain under the power of death, the utmost farthing was paid of the price of salvation for every one of the elect.
Jonathan Edwards, “The History of Redemption,” in The Works of Jonathan Edwards (1834; reprint: Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2003), 1:572.


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