Posted by: chuckbumgardner | May 2, 2008

Recent Theological Journal Tables of Contents Available Online

Finally!  I’ve asked around for a couple of years to see if there was some online resource that posted the tables of contents of recent biblical / theological journals online.  This is much easier than a trip to the library only to find that nothing is of particular interest.  Because of that lack, I had posted tables of contents from particular journals on Orchard Keeper as I came across them.

Now, however, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is posting journal table of contents on their library site. (HT: Rod Decker)  Add the RSS feed to your reader, and the .pdf of each table of contents is automatically delivered to you.

Thank you, Southern!



  1. please post me recent or new journals.

  2. please post me recent and old theological journals if available.

  3. Hi, John,

    As I mentioned in the post, you can sign up for new journal updates in your favorite blog reader.

  4. I checked this resource in mid-2015, and it is no longer available. I contacted Southern and got this reply:

    “no, that service is no longer available. Unfortunately, that server was hacked and damaged beyond us reviving it.”

  5. But try this:

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