Posted by: chuckbumgardner | April 14, 2008

Fruit Salad

Notable links of late:


Interested in getting an estimate on the reading level at which your blog is written? (Mine is rated at merely a “high school” level. I’m so embarrassed!)

Some good advice on choosing a research (dissertation) topic for doctoral work in New Testament.

One blogger’s indices for works in GoogleBooks on Greek Literature, on Latin Literature, and works in a Bible/Judaism/Early Christianity category.

Some audio academic NT lectures indiced here and here.

Suggested resources to improve one’s academic writing in the field of biblical studies.

Blogs on theological German and theological French.

A compilation of NT-related books and biblical commentaries which can be read entirely through on Amazon.

Research advice from Ben Witherington.

On connecting with academic professionals with research questions.  Is it proper to email such a person with questions related to research in which you are engaged and they are expert?

Ciampa’s NT resources link page, of which I had been unaware.

Online exegetical papers from Concordia Theological Seminary.



  1. Hi Chuck,
    I’m not sure about that readability link… I would think, unless you’re wanting only doctoral students to read your blog, that you would want to be writing so a high schooler can understand, but the content would be informative for all adults no matter the level of education. Regardless, I think the tool has got to be flawed considering how it ranked mine. (I find the ranking very hard to believe!)

  2. You got a genius rating! Now I’m really depressed ;-)

  3. Mine was rating Jr High School… back to the drawing board!

  4. I think mine was junior high, too. Shame on me for thinking that it’s appropriate to write things that people might understand. Shame shame shame.


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