Posted by: chuckbumgardner | February 1, 2008

Fruit Salad

I admit that I have shamelessly borrowed the idea for this post title from Ryan Martin‘s “Hash” posts.  I’ll use it for “tidbit” posts, usually interesting links.
If you should ever want to study John Chrysostom in depth, you will find an exhaustive online bibliography here.
I like how this church has spelled out its worship practices; notably, it reads significant portions of Scripture in public services, and observes communion each week.
Outside of CCEL, you’ll find some helpful links pages for patristic writings here and here.
Did you know that all of the Nick of Time essays (most of them by Kevin Bauder) are conveniently indexed?
W. Hall Harris’s (NT prof at Dallas Theological Seminary) recently begun blog.
I’ve enjoyed Madeleine Forell Marshall’s Common Hymnsense, which gives a literary analysis of a number of hymns, and Gracia Grindal’s Lessons in Hymnwriting.  Both are available from The Hymn Society.  Gracia Grindal also maintains a hymnal companion website.

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