Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 27, 2008

Jeschke, Steps in Corrective Discipling

After setting forth in over one hundred pages his understanding of New Testament church discipline, Marlin Jeschke summarizes in five steps what he understands to be the biblical model:
(a) Establish the prerequisite of faithful Christian instruction, regular worship, and mutual aid.  Believers can then develop a strong and healthy spiritual life and keep to a minimum the appearance of critical problems.
(b) Recognize acts or attitudes that are incompatible with the Christian way and therefore signify the possible loss of spiritual life. [I would differ here, seeing not a “loss” of spiritual life, but evidence that spiritual life was not present in the first place.]
(c) Confidentially reach out with help to invite a faltering believer to continue or return to the Christian way.
(d) Persist in bringing the problem to resolution, showing patience and tact in continuing to present the way of Christ to those who do not immediately repent.  Forgiveness is the outcome the church always seeks, of course.  However, the church must be prepared to remove a person from the membership of the church if that becomes inevitable.
(e) Offer joyful restoration at whatever stage a person repents and returns to the obedience of faith.  
Marlin Jeschke, Discipling in the Church: Recovering a Ministry of the Gospel, 3rd rev. ed.  (Herald, 1988), 115-16.

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