Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 26, 2008

Jeschke, Go and Disciple

A clever linguistic connection is made by Jeschke in pointing up the importance of discipline in the church.  The verbal connection is probably incidental (the bolded words are different in the original language), but it highlights another connection which is not.
The contemporary church might well give more attention to Matthew 18 and its summons to go deliver Christians caught by the power of sin [Matt 18:15].  That is no less important a mission than to go and preach the gospel to unbelievers [Matt 28:19]. . . . the ministry of discipling sinners in the church [i.e., church discipline] is a logical corollary of the mission of discipling all nations.
Marlin Jeschke, Discipling in the Church: Recovering a Ministry of the Gospel, 3d rev. ed. (Herald, 1988), 60.

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