Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 25, 2008

Christopher Parkening

I very much enjoy listening to the classical guitar of Christopher Parkening.  I knew he had professed faith in Christ in mid-life, and I thought I recalled a connection with John MacArthur, but I did not know any details.  Recently, I came across this autobiographical sketch which gives not only his background, but also a clear gospel presentation.  It details how by age 30 he had gotten everything he had wanted in life, then found it to be emptiness; he was introduced to the gospel of Christ and found his life’s purpose wrapped up in the glory of God.
I recognize as problematic the “celebrity syndrome,” where a prominent public figure professes faith in Christ and then is given undue credence as a spokesperson for the faith.  Parkening’s scenario, however, doesn’t strike me as that sort of thing.  I enjoyed the sketch of his life and testimony, and commend it to you.

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