Posted by: chuckbumgardner | January 22, 2008

JETS Contents, December 2007

Contents for the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 50:4 (December 2007):
Elmer Martens, “Old Testament Theology since Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.”
Paul T. Penley, “A Historical Reading of Genesis 11:1-9: The Sumerian Demise and Dispersion under the Ur III Dynasty”
Robert H. Suh, “The Use of Ezekiel 37 in Ephesians 2”
Gerald Peterman, “Social Reciprocity and Gentile Debt to Jews in Romans 15:26-27”
Craig Keener, “Women’s Education and Public Speech in Antiquity” [appeals to ancient Greco-Roman and Jewish literature to draw three conclusions: “First, there can be no dispute that there were some educated women. Second, women were much less often educated to the same degree as men of the same social class, and this extends also to Jewish learning in the Torah. Third, ancient society rarely allowed teaching roles to women.”]
Harold W. Hoehner, “Can a Woman Be a Pastor-Teacher?”
Karen H. Jobes, “Relevance Theory and the Translation of Scripture”
Gene L. Green, “Lexical Pragmatics and Biblical Interpretation”

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